What are the Passport Requirements to Travel Under the Visa Waiver Program?

Travel under the VWP is restricted to travelers possessing passports with specified security features. Visa Waiver Program requirements are:

  • The visa must have a machine-readable zone on the biographic page.
  • The passport must be an electronic passport with a digital chip containing biometric information about the passport owner.

us-visa-esta.com (6).jpg

Starting at 1 April 2016, all travelers must have an e-passport to use the VWP.  An e-Passport, denoted by the symbol, is an enhanced secure passport with an inserted electronic chip. E-Passports are issued by the proper passport issuing authority and must meet international standards for securing and putting information relating to the passport and conveyor. You may apply usa visa on this site US VISA ESTA 

Please check your application with your e-passport on the ESTA website. If you submitted your email address on more than one ESTA application, the email could be referencing another ESTA application for a previous passport.  The email you got refers to the cancellation of the ESTA application of your non e-passport.  Your ESTA USA Visa Application Online with your current e-passport should still be valid.

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