What Happens When You Arrive in the United States

Every day more than 1,000,000 people pass the custom of America. Both American and foreigners must fill out a customs form. Similarly, the overseas travelers will also need to fill the I-94 form. From this form are exempt all foreign travelers who take part of the program tour without visa Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

us-visa-esta.com (3).jpg

at the immigration control area travelers could be divided into 2 lanes, one for US citizens, and one for foreign travelers, such as the residence card holders, also known as the green card. Who arrives right here will meet the officials of the Customs and Border protection (immigration authority) controlling the journey files; you’ll need to offer the address of house / stay, passport, visa and the extra documentation required in some cases as for students and holders of visas okay-1.moreover, your fingerprints are going to be taken and may be archived in conjunction with a traveler photo. So online apply usa visa for getting an ESTA Travel Authorization.

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